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Choose the best run packaging materials Three advantages

There are three advantages in choosing yourun packaging materials.

Three advantages

Free personalized customization

Free personalized customization

High barrier The barrier properties of different plastic materials are quite different. According to the customers requirements, it can provide fragrance, flavor and UV protection. It can be used in vacuum packaging, aseptic packaging and inflatable packaging. Strong functionality It is resistant to oil, moisture and high temperature of 120 ℃. It is resistant to low temperature freezing, with good quality, preservation and odor. Using different structural design, you can achieve different quality requirements.

To meet the needs of customers

To meet the needs of customers

High temperature stretch film is used for packaging high temperature sterilization products, such as meat products containing bone and thorn. And all kinds of high temperature sterilization of marinated eggs, bean products and so on. Low temperature stretch film used for pasteurization of low-temperature meat products; fish, aquatic products packaging. There are transparent vacuum bags and striated vacuum bags with complete specifications. It has strong puncture resistance and toughness. The products comply with FDA certification and can be in

More comprehensive services

More comprehensive services

Bottom blowing water cooling process. It has excellent hot drawing formability, transparency and appearance display effect. The company is specialized in the production of seven layer, nine layer coextrusion film, EVOH high barrier coextrusion sheet, vacuum bag, body fitted film and other new material production enterprises. Customized according to customer requirements, provide high or medium barrier packaging materials with fragrance, flavor and UV protection.


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The leading products of Kunshan yourun new materials Co., Ltd. are multi-layer nylon coextrusion film, textured vacuum packaging bag, high temperature cooking film, emulsifiable oil, bag making film, embossing film, etc. Among them, nylon coextrusion film is divided into 9-layer, 7-layer and 5-layer coextrusion film. The product is high barrier series. Our co extrusion film series products are puncture resistant, high strength, high transparency, easy to tear and tear off, providing door-to-door service. Therefore, it is widely used in the national basket project, providing convenient conditions for food packaging, transportation and storage. Its product specification is complete, the performance is superior, the quality is good, the price earns, deeply user welcome.

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