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Vacuum bag mesh is good or smooth

Vacuum packaging can take many forms. We have promoted a new product from the common smooth vacuum bag, that is, the reticulated vacuum bag. The advantages and material differences between this vacuum bag and common vacuum bag in CO extrusion pattern vacuum bag are discussed.
It is made of common materials, such as rcpp / PET, rcpp / PET, etc.
Co extrusion pattern vacuum bag adopts seven layer co extrusion blow molding process, food grade PE, PP, PA special raw materials, no residual glue, more environmental protection, protect food from freezing spots, higher safety.
The inner wall of the netted vacuum bag has a reticulated shape, so that the air in the bag can be quickly exhausted and all the air in the bag can be completely drained. It has strong air barrier performance, oxidation resistance, water-proof, moisture-proof, good mechanical properties, high explosion resistance, puncture resistance and tear resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, in line with national standards, good heat sealing performance, uniform lines and good transparency.
Effect difference:
Ordinary vacuum bag is easy to form unevenness and unevenness after vacuumizing.
The single side pattern of CO extrusion pattern vacuum bag and special microchannel embossing design make the vacuum bag have no dead angle, high uniformity and flatness, and the preservation time can reach several months.
Difference of vacuum pumping equipment:
The general vacuum bag has high requirements for vacuum packaging machine, so the medium and large-scale commercial models can pump the air clean.
Co extrusion pattern vacuum bag has low requirements for vacuum packaging machine. Both domestic and commercial models can complete the vacuum of embossed bag well. It can also be added with bone self sealing, with an air valve for air extraction.


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