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Material structure of composite flexible packaging

On the basis of the development of packaging industry, the flexible packaging of goods has also been rapid development. From simple single paper packaging to single-layer plastic film packaging, to the wide use of composite flexible packaging materials. A single material can not meet the requirements of various applications, only the composite structure of flexible packaging - a variety of single soft packaging materials are laminated through composite technology, so that they can synthesize various excellent properties, such as strength, barrier, stiffness, automatic packaging walking performance, etc., so as to make the contents of the package have the characteristics of moisture resistance, fragrance retention, beauty, fresh-keeping, light proof, etc Anti permeability, extended shelf life and other characteristics.
The material structure of composite flexible packaging is as follows:
Composite materials are two or more kinds of materials, which are combined by one or more composite processes to form a functional composite. Generally, it can be divided into base layer (printing layer), functional layer and heat sealing layer. The base mainly plays the role of beauty, printing and moisture resistance, such as BOPP
BOPET, pen, BOPA, MT, Kop, kpet, Pt, paper, etc.: the functional layer mainly plays the role of blocking, avoiding light and blocking gas, such as Al, EVOH, PVDC, vmipet, etc Vmibopa, Kopa, s1ope, a12o: 3 · pet, etc.: the main thermal seal layer is in direct contact with the package, which mainly has good heat sealing property, automatic packaging machine performance, permeability resistance, opening property, anti-static adsorption property, transparency, etc., such as LDPE, LLDPE, milldpe, CPE, CPP, VMCPP, EVA, EAA, EMAA, EMA, EBA, IOPE, etc.


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