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High barrier packaging materials

High barrier plastic packaging materials are developed with the rapid development of food industry. They play a role of quality, freshness, flavor and shelf life of food. There are many kinds of food preservation technologies, such as vacuum packaging, gas replacement packaging, sealing deoxidizer packaging, food drying packaging, aseptic filling packaging, cooking packaging, liquid hot filling packaging and so on.
In these packaging technologies, many plastic packaging materials are used. Although they are required to have a variety of properties, it is important to have good barrier properties. The following is a variety of common forms of flexible packaging barrier materials to make some introduction.
With the continuous development of science and technology, people's requirements for the quality of life are higher and higher. High performance, multi-functional plastic flexible packaging materials are becoming a hot development of packaging materials. Nylon packaging materials used to be "nylon 6".
But the air tightness of nylon 6 is not ideal. There is a kind of nylon (mkd6) which is polycondensated from m-dimethylamine and adipic acid. The air tightness of mkd6 is 10 times higher than that of nylon 6. At the same time, it also has good transparency and puncture resistance. It is mainly used in high barrier packaging film and food soft packaging with high barrier requirements. Its food hygiene is also approved by FDA. The characteristic of the film is that it does not increase with humidity. In Europe, due to the outstanding environmental protection problems, MXD6 nylon is widely used as a substitute for PVDC films. MXD6 nylon and EVOH composite film with bidirectional elongation, as a high barrier nylon film. The composite methods include multi-layer compounding, and blending and stretching of MXD6 nylon and EVOH.


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