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Where can I sell food vacuum bags? How can I choose food vac

Vacuum bag factory tutor you how to choose vacuum bag:

Five layer and seven layer coextrusion equipment is generally recommended for food vacuum bags, of which the five layer structure is the most widely used, such as abcbd.abcba. For example, the three-layer coextrusion structure is PA / AD / PE (PP). Nylon is in the outer layer and cannot be protected. Nylon is hydrophilic and blocks oxygen. It is suitable for the packaging of poultry, meat food, seafood and dairy products. It has excellent oxygen permeability.
If it is a five layer structure, PP (PET) / PE, outside PA / ad. outside PA / PA, outside PA / AD, PP / (PE). In this way, nylon is protected on both sides and can prevent nylon from moisture absorption. Seven and nine layers have been tested. If various resins are properly arranged, the shelf life can reach more than 1 year, almost reaching the effect of tinplate can, such as PET / AD / PA / EVOH / PA / AD / PE (PP). In multilayer films, the oxygen barrier layer with different functions and functions of each layer: determine the corresponding barrier materials (PVDC and EVOH) and layer thickness according to the storage period of the package. The nylon thickness is generally 20%, EVOH is generally 10% ~ 15%, and the thickness deviation shall not exceed 10%. Within this range, it has little impact on the storage of the package. Adhesive layer (AD): Although nylon and EVOH have good extrusion formability, they have no bonding ability with other layers (LDPE, PP and EVA) during CO extrusion. Special resin must be used as the bonding layer to achieve high peel strength between layers.
Therefore, the selection of layer material is a very important factor. The appropriate brand shall be selected according to the structure, and the thickness is generally 5 ~ 15g / m2. The inner and outer layers: nylon and EVOH have small oxygen transmission, but large water vapor transmission. Therefore, when determining the inner and outer materials, the problem of water vapor resistance shall be fully considered. At the same time, the inner materials must take into account the heat sealing performance and heat sealing strength, such as LDPE, mLLDPE, EVA, PPO, etc, If necessary, it can be modified with Surlyn, primcor and pop. When used as composite substrate, the corona on the outer surface reaches 38 ~ 42 dyne.
Vacuum bag

Where can I sell food vacuum bags

The manufacturer specializes in producing food grade special vacuum bags. The price is calculated according to the size of the bag. The vacuum bags produced by yourun have the following characteristics:
1. Avoid extrusion, impact, vibration and other phenomena of the food in the packaging bag;
2. It can separate food from oxygen, steam, stains, etc. and prolong the shelf life;
3. Keep the food clean and fresh within the shelf life;
4. The same kind of articles can be put into one package to save space;
5. Transparent food packaging bags can reduce the risk in transportation.


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