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Plastic flexible packaging

At present, the development trend of plastic packaging film at home and abroad is towards the direction of high performance, non-toxic and harmless, green environmental protection, good quality and low price, and easy to use. Among them, the flexible packaging materials have been developed from food packaging in the past to industrial packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, building materials packaging, cosmetics packaging and other non food packaging fields, and its use scope and consumption will be larger and larger. EVOH is the most widely used high barrier material. The film types of this material include biaxial tensile type, aluminum evaporation type, adhesive coating type and so on.
In the biaxial tensile type, there are heat-resistant ones for aseptic packaging products. The film prepared by coextrusion of eboh resin with polyolefin, nylon and other resins is mainly used for animal products packaging. High barrier plastic packaging materials are developed with the rapid development of food industry. They play a role of quality, freshness, flavor and shelf life of food. There are many kinds of food preservation technologies, such as vacuum packaging, gas replacement packaging, sealing deoxidizer packaging, food drying packaging, aseptic filling packaging, cooking packaging, liquid hot filling packaging and so on. In these packaging technologies, many plastic packaging materials are used. Although they are required to have a variety of properties, it is important to have good barrier properties.


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