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Development status of flexible packaging materials in China

  The development of flexible packaging materials in China has only been in the past 20 years, especially in the past decade, through the large-scale introduction of raw materials, film production equipment, printing equipment, composite equipment, etc., the production, development and use of flexible packaging materials are more and more, new products and new materials emerge in endlessly, the material property evaluation is more and more important, the test technology and various performance test methods and standards are also produced successively Health.

  Development status of flexible packaging materials in China

  The test of plastic flexible packaging materials is of great significance to control the quality of plastic products, guide the processing, study the relationship between physical properties and structure of plastic materials, and understand the scope of use.

  The understanding stage of testing instruments: in the 1980s, flexible packaging testing instruments began to enter China. Some national quality inspection institutions and universities purchased or directly imported through associations. Some enterprises introduced production equipment, and the instruments were bundled together, and the frequency of use was very low. The domestic instruments are almost blank. Product quality awareness is also very weak, lack of understanding of the importance of material testing, slow development.

  The slow growth of testing instruments: from the beginning of 1990s to the end of 1990s, with the development of flexible packaging industry, the research of domestic testing instruments gradually appeared, but it is still slow. The paper packaging test is the main test in packaging. In the late 1990s, the testing research on flexible packaging gradually increased, such as Jinan Languang, which specialized in the research and development of flexible packaging testing instruments, was growing, which greatly promoted the progress of the industry; There are more and more companies that specialize in import testing instruments. They have undoubtedly played a certain role in the market of flexible packaging. However, the high price and many factors of imported products restrict the development of inspection of flexible packaging products. The state has increased the standard system and the introduction of foreign advanced standards, which greatly promotes the progress of detection technology.


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