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Introduction of food packaging related concepts

With the continuous improvement of modern life quality and food safety requirements, the function and safety of food packaging are also facing higher and higher standards and requirements. At present, the research and development of food packaging plastics are very active.
Among them, France has applied two kinds of packaging films made of ordinary PVC materials in the market, which can be used to identify whether the packaged food uses genetically modified materials or not, and can also clearly identify soybean products with only 5% to 10% genetically modified ingredients; In some countries, the double-layer superimposed film meat special packaging is introduced. The inner layer is edible paper, and the outer layer is high-density polyethylene film with special performance, so as to avoid the problems of ordinary meat packaging bleeding, grease and difficult separation close to the meat, and maintain the original color flavor of meat; A kind of food plastic packaging developed in Britain has active and passive barrier functions, which can effectively inhibit oxygen penetration. It can not only prolong the food storage period, but also can be directly heated by microwave, which can be widely used in convenient food packaging.


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