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Overview of multilayer composite films

Polymer multilayer composite films have the advantages of light weight, insulation, chemical corrosion resistance, easy forming and processing, and some polymers have special properties such as elasticity, transparency and beauty, so they are widely used in industrial and agricultural production, transportation, medical treatment, national defense and daily life.
The low mechanical strength and surface hardness of the monolayer film, its flammability and poor heat resistance limit its application. Under the long-term effect of environmental factors such as sunlight, temperature and humidity, mechanical stress and other environmental factors, the performance of polymer gradually deteriorates, which is called "aging". When aging, the color of polymer becomes dark, the surface cracks, the mechanical strength and electrical insulation performance decrease. Single layer film is difficult to overcome the above shortcomings, in order to better meet the use and processing performance of products, as well as the special requirements of appearance, multilayer composite film came into being.
There are many molding methods of multilayer composite film, but in general, they are mainly divided into coating method, lamination method and multi-layer coextrusion method; At present, the co extrusion technology in foreign countries is developing rapidly, especially in some developed countries, the amount of multi-layer coextrusion composite film has accounted for more than one third of the total production of packaging film, while the annual output of CO extrusion composite film in China is only about 50000 tons, and its consumption is less than 10% of the total output of packaging film. Food needs a beautiful packaging, durable and beautiful, is what we are all pursuing. There are a variety of food classification, how to package all look upset. Fortunately, with Kunshan yourun, it is specially produced for all kinds of food packaging. If you can, I hope my packaging can improve your quality.


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