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New seven layer coextrusion packaging bags entering the mark

The utility model relates to a high barrier, antistatic seven layer co extrusion film packaging bag. The product has excellent gas permeability resistance and can resist the corrosion of chemical substances. It is suitable for the packaging of chemical industry, medicine, pesticide, perfume, food additive, etc., and can greatly extend the shelf life of the product. According to Chen Zhenqiu, general manager of the company, this kind of packaging bag uses ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH), with excellent barrier performance.
The anti oxygen permeability of EVOH is one order of magnitude higher than that of polyvinylidene chloride, more than 100 times higher than that of biaxially stretched nylon, and more than 50000 times higher than that of commonly used low-density polyethylene; the anti carbon dioxide permeability of EVOH is 250 times higher than that of biaxially stretched nylon and 50000 times higher than that of LDPE; the nitrogen resistance of EVOH is 700 times higher than that of biaxially stretched nylon and 180000 times higher than that of LDPE.
With the rapid development of high and new technology of industry and agriculture in China, the export of chemical products is increasing day by day, and the requirements of high barrier packaging will be higher and higher. At present, most of the domestic barrier bag manufacturers have outdated technology and equipment, and most of them are nylon coextrusion or coating products, which can not keep up with the development of high barrier packaging demand. According to the test of China Packaging Research and test center, the gas barrier index is 0.1 order of magnitude. Through the adjustment of structure and formula, the company can meet the needs of customers for the packaging of export products. Users reported that the performance of the product basically reached the level of imported packaging bags, so it was recognized and welcomed.


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