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Environmental protection war between paper bag and plastic b

With the improvement of living standards, people have higher requirements for life, and environmental protection is one of them. But now, with the development of industry, people's awareness of environmental protection is gradually imperceptible, from being to nothing.
Speaking of environmental pollution, we have four words of white pollution in our mind, of course, this is only part of the pollution. Most of this pollution comes from plastic bags. But at the same time of plastic bag production, the trend of paper bag is also gradually expanding, even more than the use frequency of plastic bag. So the problem is, when facing paper bags and plastic bags, will you choose plastic bags or paper bags? Then, let's compare them from the perspective of environmental protection.
A persuasive way to compare plastic bags with paper bags is through life cycle assessment. In brief, this evaluation method not only considers the environmental damage caused by the post-processing of a commodity, but also considers the environmental load in the whole life cycle of raw material collection, production, transportation, application and disposal, which is more convincing.
The life cycle of these two kinds of commodities is: plastic bags start from the exploitation of crude oil, paper bags start from wood cutting, through the production and application of commodities, and then part of the used parts are recycled and recycled until finally the pollution-free combustion process. The results show that the energy consumption of paper bag is 1.5 ~ 2 times of that of PE plastic bag (with the increase of regeneration rate, the energy consumption distance between paper bag and PE plastic bag decreases). The amount of solid waste and waste gas emissions of plastic bags are also lower than that of paper bags.
The paper bag will discharge more sewage in the recycling treatment, which is the main reason for the increase of paper environmental load. From the above point of view, the environmental load of polyethylene plastic bags is lower than that of paper bags, that is to say, plastic bags are more environmentally friendly than paper bags.
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