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Transparent high temperature cooking barrier film

  It has excellent gas barrier and high temperature resistance. Because the inorganic materials used are nano particles, the surface area is more than 1000 times that of ordinary composite materials. Inorganic materials with large surface area effectively restrict the movement of polymer, thus inhibiting the permeation of oxygen and other gas molecules.

High temperature cooking film

  The film has excellent high temperature resistance, high gas barrier and high transparency. Even after different cooking methods, temperature or time of high temperature cooking, the barrier also changes slightly, transparency and other appearance almost unchanged. At the same time, the oxygen barrier of the composite film is not decreased due to the bending and curling, so as to ensure the stable and reliable blocking function.

  As a good barrier packaging material instead of aluminum foil composite packaging, it will have a greater application prospect and development space.

  According to a research report on the development trend of eight high profit packaging markets in Europe in the next five years published by the famous British Pira international group company, the report provides the first-hand information about the development trend of high-profit packaging market of 300 European multinational companies, and accurately quantifies the growth of high-profit packaging market in the next two and five years, High barrier materials are in the fourth place of high added value products.

  In China, barrier packaging film is in the growth period of popularization and use. Most of the barrier film produced in China is used in the packaging of low-end products. The barrier film with excellent performance still needs a large number of imports, so the market development space is very large.


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