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Advantages of soft food packaging

  The image of packaging can promote the sales of products, but the real attraction of "repeat customers" is the performance of products. This is exactly why the application of high barrier flexible packaging in the retail food market has been significantly expanded, and there is no sign of weakening at present.

  Ordinary consumers probably can't imagine that a product they buy has six layers of composite packaging (maybe more), and it can keep the product fresh for months or even a year on the shelf.

 Soft food packaging

  Over the years, many plastic companies and packaging materials companies have been potential to study high barrier flexible packaging, which uses different materials such as plastic film, paper and metal foil as the base film.

  As composite packaging is replacing metal can, glass or hard packaging, people need high barrier flexible packaging, and people need coextrusion composite packaging of high barrier flexible packaging materials. Once barrier flexible packaging technology has been developed and improved in the field of meat packaging, other parts of the market such as fast food, cheese, candy and other industries began to use some of the same technology to attract consumers, especially the new fast food field with nutrition awareness. With the fat food in food, film producers are forced to provide flexible packaging that can maintain the flavor of food for a long time.

  In the early 1990s, there were basically four kinds of software packaging materials: nylon, PVDC (polyvinylidene chloride), EVOH (vinyl alcohol copolymer resin) and metallized composite film. However, consumers demanded more fresh and delicious food with better quality, which promoted the packaging industry to develop more advanced packaging solutions.


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