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Can vacuum bags be frozen

Vacuum packaging is to put food into a special packaging container, use a vacuum pump to remove the gas in the container, and then package it. After the gas in the container is pumped away, a vacuum environment is created. Its characteristics are: low oxygen partial pressure and low water vapor content, which can prevent food oxidation, mildew and corruption, reduce discoloration, fading, reduce the loss of vitamin A and C, and prevent the change of food color, flavor and taste. The main function of vacuum packaging bag is to ensure the shelf life of food.
Can vacuum bags be frozen
Answer: if it is a low temperature vacuum bag is OK, if the opposite is high temperature, the effect may not be ideal
Expanding knowledge of vacuum packaging bag
1. Prevent drying. The packaging material blocks the steam, prevents drying, and keeps the fresh meat surface soft.
2. Prevent oxidation. When vacuumizing, oxygen and air are eliminated together, packaging materials and atmosphere are shielded, oxygen can not enter the packaging bag, oxygen is completely prevented.
3. Prevent the growth of microorganisms. Bacteria and yeasts seriously affect the quality of food. The products of their metabolism have toxic side effects on human body and cause food spoilage. Vacuum packaged products can prevent the secondary pollution of microorganisms and the survival of aerobic microorganisms.
4. Prevent the loss of fragrance. Packaging materials can effectively block the escape of volatile aromatic compounds, and also prevent the cross smell between different products;
5. Avoid freezing loss. Packaging materials insulate the product from the outside, so ice formation and air drying during freezing can minimize the loss.
6. Prevent contact. So that the product can meet the health requirements of the buyer.


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