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Performance introduction of EVOH high barrier packaging mate

Under normal conditions, EVOH is not easy to carry static electricity due to its low surface resistance. Therefore, compared with other plastics, EVOH is not easy to absorb dust due to static electricity when it is used for surface or composite processing. At the same time, because of its polarity, it is not necessary to conduct corona treatment, but also can get good printing effect. EVOH is bright and transparent. When used in the outermost layer, it can not only enhance the beauty of the product, but also enhance the beauty of the product. EVOH has superior aging resistance, long time exposure to the outside and little staining or loss of transparency, and the change of mechanical strength is also very small. In food packaging, the use of EVOH containing plastic containers can completely replace glass and metal containers.
For example, Qingdao exports seafood (such as shellfish), using PE / EVOH / PA / EVOH / PE five layer coextrusion film vacuum packaging, by preventing the penetration of oxygen to improve the flavor and quality retention. The cooked shellfish can be kept fresh for 10 months. We can also use the high barrier effect of EVOH membrane on gas, and use gas filling technology to fill carbon or nitrogen to protect the product. EVOH can also be used to keep wine fresh. For example, PE / EVOH / PA / EVOH / PE material is used in the liner of the latest generation of "vacuum beer fresh-keeping barrel". EVOH is suitable for making packaging containers of chemicals that cause serious environmental pollution. For example, xylene, benzene and some pesticides. Yes
The state has banned the use of glass and metal containers. How to use high barrier materials such as EVOH as plastic co extrusion bottles and barrels is one of the development purposes.


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